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Limits Of A Sissy

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

What are the limits of a sissy, you ask?

Hmmm, let’s see….

Observe as Mistress Lydia spends 38 minutes using Her big dicked sissy slave and seeing just how much he/she can take. She has him suck Her strap-on while in hogtied bondage and then takes him deep in the ass with Her black bull cock before putting him in more strict bondage for some cruel CBT. She orders him to handle his own little penis and then punishes his manhood as he strokes himself off into the silver dog bowl for a later snack. Mistress Lydia has her wimp helpless in a hogtie.

Then the little pussy worships Her shoes and toes as She crops him on the bare ass. She stands and Her big black rubber cock swings as She steps over him. She sizes Her bound submissive up and sits down in front of him. She toys with him, making him suck Her cock further and further. She laughs as he gags. He is moved to his back, long legs spread high as She enters him and loosens his ass pussy with Her strap-on. She leans in and drives it home all the way balls deep into his stinging stretched anus!


Bitch boy got it GOOD, huh?

sissy wimps are always fun to torture!

Mistress Glenda
(I fuck men’s virgin asses)

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Sissy Pimping

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Many dominant women and strict wives make GOOD money pimping out their husbands as sissy cock whores….

Feminized and offered for sale! Wouldn’t you like to pimp out your husband as a cock sucking little sissy bitch? It’s FUN!

…would you like to fuck my sissy? Ten bucks buys his ass!

Mistress Sara
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Forced Bi Cuckolds

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Okay, so forget what you’ve been told about married men. The reward for being the bread winner in most men’s minds is NOT a mouthful of hot cock…or is it? Oh, yes, you probably thought the answer would be something trivial like a cold bottle of beer or having the wife greet him at the door in lingerie. That’s past tense, baby. Today’s potential sissy man wants something out of the ordinary and wants to be recognized for his pursuit of it. He wants to be considered interesting and, hence, asked questions about the raw taste of semen! Only cock can provide him with that frame of reference and his cuckolding cheating slut of a wife can give it to him!

Want to watch some forced bi cuckolds at work and play?

Down on his knees with another man’s cock in his mouth is how THESE wives want to see their men!

…open up and suck his cock, dear, I want to video it for the girls at the office!

(Mistress and Queen)

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Sissy Party Girl Gallery

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

In this delightful sissy party girl gallery you’ll find the story of Dirk, a married man who was feminized by his wife into a sweet obedient cross dressing sissy….

But one night she decided to take him to a artsy-fartsy party downtown and show him off to her friends….and what poor Dirk didn’t know, was that his dominant wife had also brought along something else – her new strapon!

Needless to say, before the night’s festivities were through, she had taken Dirk’s anal virginity before a room full of strangers and pimped him out for all the men there to use as a fuck toy!

Now THAT’S what we call a party!

…quite crying, my male friends won’t hurt you, they just want to FUCK you!

(Married to man who now dresses as a woman and sucks cock upon command)

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Shemales Train Sissies

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Does the thought of being the forced sissy maid of a dominant Shemale arouse you?

Made to suck tranny cock and take it in the ass upon command of a stern transsexual Dominatrix?

We can arrange THAT!

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Cross dressed and on your knees before the TSTV Mistress!

…like the taste of my cock, sissy boy?

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Sissy Cucks

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

This is what a sissy cuck had to say about a little treat his cheating slut wife gave him one day recently:

“My wife has been seeing this slave for some time now, and he shows up one day for some abuse. She has him in pain with nipple clamps, and clothespins and of course I am on my knees servicing this slut. I even jerked off on his cock and lapped it up.”

The little man whore!

Some cuckold husband’s have to be FORCED into sucking a cock, but not this guy! The little sissy slut LOVES hot cum straight from another man’s dick and is always BEGGING his wife to allow him to service her lovers or slaves!


…please, dear, may I suck him now?

(Married and pimping her cucky husband to black bulls)

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His Cuckold Sissy Panties

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

After Jim had accepted the fact he was no longer the dominant sexual partner in our marriage, I set out to find ways to enforce my newfound power.

The first step?

Sissy panties!

He was instructed to wear the softest little pink panties I could find under his clothes at ALL times! And especially when my lover was over…

cuckold sissy panties picture
“Look What I Have For You – Sissy Panties!”

Why? Because my black stud Tyrone LOVED a sweet sissy bitch in pink panties. Apparently when he was in prison he had a “sweet white sissy bitch” who he fucked on a regular basis. He said his sissy almost sucked cock as good as I did! Dressing my husband up and forcing him to service Tyrone’s nine inch cock while I watched is now a BIG part of our foreplay routine.

After I have Jim suck him for a while, I make him sit in the corner and watch me get fucked up the ass by my black bull stallion!

Of course he’s NOT allowed to masturbate or relieve himself until AFTER he’s “cleaned up” my back door, hehe! And then I only let him jerk off to the HARDEST gay porn I can find! I want him to be desensitized to seeing men suck and fuck other men – after all, he IS a sissy bitch now and needs to sharpen his cock hunger! LOL!

…lick that hot jizz up now, Jim, and then give Tryone a good rim job too!

(Married and pimping her husband’s ass to black bulls)

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Hardcore CBT Phone Sex

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Fans of femdom telephone fantasy and hardcore cock and ball torture will LOVE this!

Penises Tormented, Scolded, Flogged, Bound And Tortured By REAL Girls!
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Sweet bitches who LOVE to make a man squirm and squeal by taking hold of his cock and balls and doing things to them that would SHOCK even the most HARDENED sadist!

And they do it ALL the time!

.. take your penis out and show it to Mistress! I’m going to HURT it bad!

Mistress Francine
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