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Black Mistress Canes White Boy

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

I’m a black woman who works as a Mistress and also a teacher at the local high school. And sometimes I have to take a boy into my office, take down his britches and cane him right and proper!

Of course I especially enjoy getting some white boy in there for some correction and discipline, it’s always a thrill to see them blush and hear them cry out when I swing that rattan cane against their clenching bare buttocks!

forced sissy mistress picture
Spanking And Caning Men Is FUN!

And some of the REALLY naughty ones get a “special” dose of treatment – I put them in panties and make them stand in the corner. Sometimes, if I have two of them in there, I force one to suck the other’s cock!

Am I worried about being found out and reported to the Principle? Fuck no! That little white bitch is one of my sissy maids on the weekend and knows better than to make a big deal out of my little punishment sessions. In fact, he often BEGS me to cane him and force him to suck a cock, but always a big BLACK COCK!


Mistress Ebonia
(Black and bitchy)

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Mistress Punishes Sissy For Not Sucking Cock

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

I sometimes like to sit back, have a glass of wine and watch one of my male sissy maids suck cock.

Why? I don’t know, it just turns me on knowing that this once proud and bossy male is now nothing more than a feminized slave to my most perverted and twisted desires! That and I make good money doing it! LOL

forced sissy mistress picture
Forcing Men To Suck Cock Is Fun!

But sometimes, like anything male, you have to punish and humiliate them into submission. The best way is to strap on a cock and rape their assholes good and hard! Forget the lube, ladies, this is SUPPOSED to hurt!

Otherwise it’s not punishment and they won’t remember the lesson you’re trying to teach – after all, they ARE men and we all know how stupid and stubborn THEY CAN BE!

Mistress Zessa
(I make men suck)

Savage Cock And Ball Torture Works Well!

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Cuckold Mistress Whips Her Sissy Husband

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

I am the one in charge of our marriage, and I take the right to cheat and cuckold my husband as a unspoken rule. If he had any thoughts of challenging me on that, I whipped and spanked that out of him long ago!

Today he’s a cuck cock sucker and sissy maid upon MY command. Did I force him to suck off any of my lovers? Just the ones who liked it – the rest just fucked his ass good and hard! LOL

forced sissy mistress picture
Cuckold Mistress Whips Her Feminized Husband

He cried at first like ALL cuckolded husbands do, but he soon got over it when I told him the next time he started blubbering and carrying on I was going to chain him to the wall and leather strap his bare butt till it BLED!

Now I just do it on special days when I fell like hearing him BEG for mercy, hehe. Oh, and sometimes when he won’t put on the panties I’ll selected for him to wear to work under his suit that day too!

Mistress Tara
(Married and cheating)

Put A Strapon Up His Virgin Ass!

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Forced Sissy Whipping By The Mistress

Saturday, April 14th, 2012

I’m a black Mistress who LOVES to make a white sissy writhe and squirm under my whip!

And his transgression?

Having a small penis! I hate men with little cocks and it seems ALL white sissies got the smallest dicks around! Give me a big black stud swinging ten inches of dark meat, not some blubbering white wimp with a dribbly little “carrot” for a dick! I want a MAN, bitch!

forced sissy mistress picture
I Punish Sissies For Having a Small Penis!

And have you ever seen how fucking EASY it is to force a white sissy to suck cock? Damn! The little bitches be down on their knees and chugging dick like they was born for it with just the SMALLEST amount of “correction” applied to their bony white asses! The whip works, ladies, BUY one and make your man SUCK THE BIG BLACK BONE!

Mistress Afriquea
(Black Goddess in charge)

Femdom Facesitting Works In Some Cases Too

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Phone Sex Mistresses For Sissy Male Maids

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Are you in need of some HARD sissy training? Then let OUR phone Mistresses give you a PRIVATE and PERSONALIZED sissy session!

Like being feminized by a beautiful but cruel dominant slut? One who will put you in bra and panties and pimp you out to her male friends at parties? Then try THIS:

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Both offer the BEST sissy male maid humiliation and punishment fantasies ANYWHERE!


Mistress T.
(I peg male tail)

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Mistresses Who Whip Their Males

Monday, March 5th, 2012

My fellow Mistress and I usually put aside Monday as the whipping day for our males. It starts the week well and the boys are in need of some hardcore BDSM after being allowed to cross dress and suck cock all weekend.

Feminized males and sissy maids usually get the weekend off in our stable, and after too much time away from the strict discipline of the Mistress they can “wander” a bit.

forced sissy mistress picture
Mistresses Whip Their Males For FUN!

I often find that the married women I meet express a longing to be able to whip and punish their bossy and mean husbands, and I say girls just do it! Buy yourself a whip and have at it! Make that husband of yours BEG for mercy and then put him in panties for a while too! Works a charm!

Mistress Gloria
(Male tail whipper)

Ever Had Sex With A Shemale?

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Sissy Husband Flogged

Friday, February 10th, 2012

I put my husband Jacob into a pair of thong panties, tied him to the cross in my basement dungeon (I’m a professional Mistress) and flogged his ass for a good hour today!


Because I caught him wearing a pair of panties and masturbating to pictures of young nude boys on the web! A sissy husband I like, but one who only sucks cock when I say, and then only big BLACK ones!

forced sissy mistress picture
A Sissy Husband Flogged

Trust me ladies, a husband who is flogged on a weekly basis, wether he’s been feminized or not, is one who will remain obedient and respectful – as ALL males should be! I only allow him to suck a cock on the weekends too, not too much or he’ll end up turning gay and be useless to me. Although I could make some good money pimping his sissy ass out to sailors down on the docks, hehe…

Mistress T.
(Males are worthless)

Spanking Bad Boys Is Always FUN!

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Whipping Your Sissy Into Shape

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

When this pathetic male was brought to me by his poor suffering wife, he was bossy, proud and loud – everything a woman hates in a man. The solution? Whipping and more whipping until his pride was broken and his ass marked and bleeding!

And of course being forced to cross dress and suck cock! LOL

forced sissy mistress picture
Dominant Mistresses KNOW How To Punish!

He was feminized and punished on a weekly basis until he BEGGED to be allowed to sexually satisfy another man while dressed as a woman – in other words, he had become the perfect sissy husband! I collected my usual fee from the happy wife and they both now live a happy and contented life. My work is done!

Mistress Jenifer
(Mistress of the whip)

Mommy Feminized Her Son Into A Sissy

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Wearing His Wife’s Panties

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Married women that like to put their husbands and sons into panties and make them rub cocks? Is such a sick and twisted thing done?


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Sissy Panty Fun For Feminized Husbands!

“You’d be surprised at how many women make their husbands wear panties and degrade themselves before their dinner guests. Being a dominant wife means keeping him under your thumb and total sexual control. And trust me, ladies, they might cry and whine at first, but soon they become tame and docile as a kitten. Just be sure to use a strapon on their ass from time to time to keep them in line!”


(I wear the cock and he wears the panties)

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Phone Sex Mistresses For Sissy Male Maids

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Looking for some personal sissy training and male maid fun with your very OWN phone sex Mistress?

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And if you want to be a sissy male maid for mommy, then be sure to CALL these dominant Mommys!

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