I Put Men In Panties

When a man needs to be “put in touch” with his feminine side, I find that putting him in panties and forcing him to ejaculate is a good start on the road to complete sissy obedience and sluthood!

Of course, I often make two men don their sissy panties and rub their cocks together like this:

sissy panty rub
Sissy Panty Cock Rubbing!

They might complain and beg not to be shamed so, but after those silk-clad penises touch each other – they ALWAYS get nice and hard! It’s only a short step from there to making the newly feminized male suck the other man’s cock to climax!

And it’s ALWAYS a thrill for his wife to watch!

Trust me, ALL men are secretly sissy panty poofs and I can PROVE it!

…get those little sissy panties on, dear, all good husbands wear them!

(A trained and shamer of married men)

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