Sissies In Pantyhose Gallery

Many a married man who has become feminized by his dominant wife jumps for joy at the chance to wear pantyhose under his dress, did you know that? Yep! The sheer fabric feels SO soft and arousing against their flesh that these sweet sissies in hose fairly JUMP at the chance to pick out a new pair when at the store!

I’ve even seen them pout and get all teary if they weren’t allowed to pick out a new pair!

sissies in pantyhose picture
I’m So Lucky My Wife Allows Me To Wear Pantyhose!

Of course, not all feminized males are so tame and docile – many a time the wife or Mistress has to “break” their stubborn male pride (usually with a whip, strapon and well-hung black bull) in order to get them even INTO pantyhose! LOL! It’s hard work for sure….

But it sure if fun!

…be a good sissy, suck off the Mistresses’ other male slaves and you can wear your new pantyhose!

Domina Dolores

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