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Ball Busting Bitches #3

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

Ever had the fantasy of a beautiful woman torturing your cock and balls without mercy?

Then Enjoy This Hardcore CBT Mistress Porn!

It’s HOT!

Ball Busting Bitches Kick Sack

They can look like the most exciting and sexy little chicks you've ever seen, but brother, be careful! You’ll get your nut sack kicked into the end zone!

Cuckold Party Time

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

When a cheating wife REALLY wants to humiliate and shame her husband, it’s time for a cuckold party!

“Mistress Amber and gorgeous Mistress Mandi in an unforgettable performance that features cuckolding, humiliation, smothering, lactation, hot wax and heavy cock and ball torment and bondage. The action opens with a close up of Mistress Amber’s soiled panties, stained with her lover’s cum…and that just gets the party rolling!”

Works for us!

Mistress K.
(Cruel to cocks)

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Femdom Dream Come True

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

Like your cock spanked and punished?

Hard Femdom CBT BDSM Fantasies That Are SICK And TWISTED!
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Femdom Dream Come True From Lakeview Entertainment

Three sadistic, pantyhose clad women make two male submissives bend to their will for 74 minutes of pure femdom BDSM sexual punishment. Being humiliated by strict bitches has never been so much fun!

Wild Wild East

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Some girls love to torture a man’s cock and balls!

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Wild Wild East

Who said that girls don’t have wild and sadistic sexual desires? A little bit of dominant dame sex and perversion for you to enjoy!

Brutal Ballbusting Bad Time

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Your Cock And Balls Are Merely Objects For Me To TORTURE!
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Why are dominant women so fucking CRUEL to men’s penises?

Brutal CBT Ballbusting is FUN

Things go all wrong for two poor guys when a beautiful Mistress takes them home for some “fun”. As soon as she has them naked she proceeds to torture and torment their poor genitals until you think you’re going to PASS OUT!

C.F.N.M. Ballbusting ‘N’ BJ’s Ouch!

Sunday, June 13th, 2010
C.F.N.M. Ballbusting bitches at work!

Get ready to bust a nut! These sluts have a passion for making men groan and moan as they jerk their bone – and kick their balls! It’s a shocking bit of filth that simply MUST be viewed to believe!

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CFNM Bitches Run Amok!
Jerking Penises And Milking Balls!

Mistress Will Please And Punish You

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Like to watch a Dominant Mistress at work?

I enjoy providing: Domination of all kinky fashions, sexually topping both men, women and couples. Role-Playing, Mind Control, Body Worship, Facesiitting, Femdom Foot Fetishes, Strapon Training, Anal Dildos, Butt Plugs, Vibrators, Slave Bondage, Immobilization, Restraints, handcuffs, Chains, Gags, Ass Spanking, Whipping, Paddling, Cock Humiliation, Enforced Feminization And Expensive Financial domination…to name just a few, hehehe

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I’ll Please AND Punish You!

“Now take out your cock and beg me to be allowed to stroke it for your Mistress!”

(Dominant and ready to punish at the drop of a hat)

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These Cruel Bitches Love Their Work!

Live Nude Mistress Webcam

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Ever been taught NOT to touch sexual torture gadgets when a severe mistress is watching you? Otherwise it may get serious like it did yesterday when a client dropped by and started fooling around with my whip. He was really asking for it so I did what I had to do.

I pushed him against the window and told him: “Touching Mistresses’ things without permission? Your cock is REALLY GOING TO GET IT!”

It took me less than a minute to strip his clothes off and bind him very tight. And I spent the afternoon teaching this old webcam client of mine a CRUEL lesson. His mouth was wide open as I used my special gag device on him. I licked his lips slightly to tease him, but avoiding getting my tongue inside his mouth.

Then I got to my favorite trick that I constantly use on my webcam. CBT that is. My white feather fondled his balls perfectly, giving him little pleasure spasms, but after his cock got stone hard I started licking his cock tip in circles…..I forced him to stay hard as I kept him like that for two hours before letting him CUM…but only AFTER I took the whip he had touched earlier to his balls! The wimp BEGGED me to cum, but I kept him on edge! LOL! Click here to view my last live nude Mistress web show pics and here to view my profile and find out more about me and OTHER Mistresses.

I Also Specialize In Feminization!

Nothing pleases me more than getting a man hard and then FORCING him to orgasm as I whip his dangling nut sac!

“Now stop screaming, I haven’t even touched your cock with this yet!”

(Never met a cock I couldn’t crush)

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Cuckold Birthday Bash

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

They say it’s your birthday…

Today at Forced Sissy Mistress, we have a delightful action packed film that features the beautiful Mistress Amber and gorgeous, but VERY cruel Mistress Mandi in an unforgettable performance that features cuckolding, humiliation, smothering, lactation, hot wax and heavy cock and ball torment and bondage. The action opens with a close up of Mistress Amber’s soiled panties, stained with her lover’s cum.

These are fully inserted into “Cucky’s” mouth for him to rinse clean as they humiliate him. Mistress Mandi produces a condom containing her boyfriends cum and they cut the tip and feed it to the wimp. The ladies proceed to torment his little cock and tender nipples and then he is moved to the bench and fastened face up. Mistress Amber fastens many small weights to his balls which are bound with a locked steel ring….

Then Mistress Mandi smothers him and crops his nipples before taking her turn between his legs. One of his cuckold birthday presents turns out to be a new toilet brush which they use to fuck his cock with between the hard sharp bristles!

As his cries increase, he is smothered into silence below both gorgeous asses. Both Mistresses crush and stand on his sore balls with their spike heels and then candles are produced and two different types are inserted in cucky’s cock and lit. Hot wax is dripped on the cock shaft. He is released and performs foot worship and then ass worship on Mistress Amber as Mistress Mandi hand milks his penis into a black plate. He is then forced down to consume his OWN sticky jizz load!

“…What? You don’t LIKE your presents?”

Madame Greener
(I make my husband suck my black bull’s lovely big cock)

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Hardcore CBT Femdom

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

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To me there is no sweeter sound than of a male slave pig screaming in agony as I bind and twist his nut sac into a fucking knot! Seeing it so red, swollen and engorged with blood as I slap, whip and stub the toe of my boot into it time and time again just gets me SO fucking WET!

How about YOU? Does the thought of a dominant BITCH making your poor sensitive cock and balls into her personal pain toy turn you on as much as it does me?

….or are just one of those pathetic wimps that just wants a bit of a scolding and a spanking from your Mistress?

If you got the BALLS to hang with a hardcore CBT femdom session over the phone, me and my stable FULL of beautiful cock-torturing bitches are WAITING!

Let’s play!

I’ll Crush Your Cock And Stomp Your Balls Into Mush!
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“Quit screaming, I haven’t even stuck the needle in it yet!”

Madame Q
(I flay men’s backs and stomp on their cocks)

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