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Wearing His Wife’s Panties

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Married women that like to put their husbands and sons into panties and make them rub cocks? Is such a sick and twisted thing done?


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“You’d be surprised at how many women make their husbands wear panties and degrade themselves before their dinner guests. Being a dominant wife means keeping him under your thumb and total sexual control. And trust me, ladies, they might cry and whine at first, but soon they become tame and docile as a kitten. Just be sure to use a strapon on their ass from time to time to keep them in line!”


(I wear the cock and he wears the panties)

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Gay Cross Dressing Sissy Fucked

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Boys will be girls and other men will force them to suck!

In the living room, this forced sissy takes on a thick meaty cock and these two dudes Connor and Pete delight in that virgin transvestite ass getting totally annihilated and pronged. His sissy ravaged raw rectum is opened up bigger than a cavern and he even does some nasty forced cock sucking and get’s made to taste all his own ass sauce on their hard sturdy cocks. The nasty action sees that tight hot sissy butt of his further owned.
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“Suck it, Bitch! You dress like a girl, you’re going to eat cock like one!”

(Making boys my bitch)

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White Sissy Fucked By A Black Bull

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

I can’t tell you how much I love the feel of a big, black cock fucking my tight white ass! That’s why after being a punk in high school and getting sent to prison, I became a black bull’s sissy bitch!

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Lot’s of young white guys there were scared shitless, but not me, I just want black cock and lots of it! And I figured the best place for an eighteen year old blond boy was to hang out with the biggest and meanest black cons. God did I make the right decision! I have more ebony cocks then I know what to do with. Oh, I know exactly what do to with these fine rods of endless pleasure. But I feel like a kid in a candy store. Where do I start and which piece do I want have fuck me first?

I like to wear a pretty little skirt and heels and you should see the looks I get from these big black hunks, I always know that one makes me come to his cell after lights out I am going to have the fucking time of my life! A sissy couldn’t ask for a better education. But shhhh… don’t tell my parents. They would frickin’ flip out if they knew their good little boy liked to cross dress and get fucked by big black studs!

“Let me be your girlfriend, I’ll keep you VERY happy!”

(Out on parole and missing my big black daddies)

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I Want To Be A Transvestite

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Well, sure you do!

Time to get in touch with your feminine side and learn to love cock!

Why not take a trip to the other side of sexuality, where you have the best of both worlds. Saucy sissy sluts and hot, hard “girlcock!” Kick back, whip it out and let these hot cd models tease you before they get down to the dirty deed of nasty tvts sex for your shocking, feminized boy sissy bitch stroking pleasure.

Now, this is how you suck his cock, see?

Madame Kane
(A feminizer of naughty men)

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Shemales Train Sissies

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Does the thought of being the forced sissy maid of a dominant Shemale arouse you?

Made to suck tranny cock and take it in the ass upon command of a stern transsexual Dominatrix?

We can arrange THAT!

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Cross dressed and on your knees before the TSTV Mistress!

…like the taste of my cock, sissy boy?

(Beautiful with a cock)

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Pretty Boys In Dresses

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Many young cd’s (that’s cross dresser to you that don’t know) are also gay sissies looking for a little love and a LOT of HARD COCK!

Take this lovely lusty lad for instance…

pretty boys in dresses picture
A Pretty Boy In A Dress Hoping For Big Hard Cock!

He dressed up as a sweet sissy and got himself a date with the boy next door hoping to seduce him and get a chance to suck his big cock…and he did! He also got it in the ass about five times that night from the excited youth (ah, teens, always dumb and full of cum) – not that he’s complaining, mind you, after all, sissy boys LIVE for cock, so he was VERY satisfied with his little ruse! LOL

And now they’re “going steady” much to the guy’s morality spewing Preacher father ’s total and absolute disgust! LOL! Now THAT is a bit of poetic justice if ever there was some!

sweet young boys dressed like girls for your sexual amusement…

Mistress Binao

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