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Spanked By The Wife

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

The first step in breaking your husband to your will and then being able to properly sissy train him is to spank him on a regular basis! Many married men think they rule the roost and the first thing a dominant wife must do is show him who is the boss!

A good old-fashioned bare bottom spanking works wonders on men. Being put across the knee of their wife and spanked like a small boy by his mother instills a proper sense of obedience and marital discipline that is crucial in the feminization process!

forced sissy mistress spanked by the wife picture
Like Seeing Wives Spanking Husbands?

And don’t feel you’re on a solitary mission, girls, trust me, there are many wives spanking husbands and turning them into sweet obedient sissies right in your home town as you read this!

So get out that belt, paddle or hairbrush and go to work on your man’s blushing bare bottom tonight! And remember the dominant wife’s order of drill:

1) First the spanking
2) Then the strapon
3) Now he’s ready for his sissy training and complete male ego reduction!

Good luck and carry on!


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