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Feminized And Forced To Suck Cock

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

When my wife sold me to Mistress Femme I never thought I would end up in some dirty, dingy gay glory hole behind a gas station, dressed in women’s panties and on my knees sucking cock. But much to my horror, I found that my new Mistress was a cruel and heartless bitch who delighted in seeing me sexually humiliated and sexually degraded like some common street whore. If I’d known that this was what was in store for me, I never would’ve agreed to my wife’s Faustian bargain. She said that since I was a complete disappointment as a man, and a pathetic lover to boot, I would be better off serving as a sissy male maid in the stable of a dominant woman, rather than annoying her with my small cock and aggravating presence.

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Sold As A Sissy Male Maid

Since she is a very wealthy woman, she was able to pay off the local constabulary to ignore my complaints of kidnapping, and indeed the police even helped her transport me in handcuffs to Mistresses’ country house, where I was imprisoned, raped and feminized into the pitiful sissy I am today. But the worst of the treatment this horrible woman dealt me, was to force me to accompany her to this dingy backroom glory hole I mentioned before. There she would force me to kneel, clad only in a pair of panties and await customer after customer as they thrust their huge erect cocks through the small opening in the wall for me to suck. She had one of her huge black sex slaves standing by with the whip to beat me mercilessly if I dare refuse take one of the preferred cocks into my mouth and suck it to climax.

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After 3 hours of this degrading forced cock sucking she allowed me a brief or spite and a towel to clean myself up. I was literally soaked from head to waist with the hot spurting semen of numerous anonymous men, and practically in tears from the humiliating treatment. And what did Mistress do? She laughed! She laughed and told me that I was now to drop my panties and press my naked bottom, with cheeks spread wide, against the hole so that the remaining customers on the other side of the wall could bugger me without mercy. I know deep down I deserve this for being such a pathetic male, but at times I wonder if perhaps I would be better off trying to escape and leave this horrible degrading sissy lifestyle behind me?

If anyone ever reads this I pray that they learn from my mistakes and avoid all interaction with any sexually dominant women, they are perverse and cruel creatures devoid of feeling or mercy and can only lead a man to his complete ruination.

sissy martin
[feminized male maid and forced cock sucker]

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Story Of A Sissy Husband

Saturday, December 10th, 2011

It’s a tale told around the table in many a household….

“He arched his back and while on his knees let out a moan and sprayed sticky hot cum all over the tile of the bedroom floor. Drops splashed everywhere as he jerked his cock furiously. I was amazed at the amount of semen that shot out of his swollen cock. I let him finish and open his eyes…”Now” I said “Get down and LICK that mess up!”. He looked like he was going to say something but I stamped my foot and pointed to the splilled cum “DO IT!”. He sheepishly dropped down and began to lick his own cum from the hard cold tile…he was a tame sissy now and did as he was TOLD….”

Just a bit from a Story Of A Sissy Husband You Can Read HERE and get some insights into the live of a feminized male. Enjoy!


(Keeping the husband down)

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Sissy Male Gets The Strap On

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

When a married woman has had enough of her husband’s shit….

“He recoiled in horror at the sight of the massive rubber penis she thrust in his face. The idea of what she might have in mind with that strapon made him cross his legs and clench his asshole good and tight. His wife was ready to rape him and he knew it was going to be harsh and painful….”

Just part of the rectum wrecking fun when a and learns to like it!

Go Gal!

Mistress K.
(Strapped and ready to rock)

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How To Feminize Your Husband

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Need some tips on making that brute you married into a sweet and obedient cock sucking sissy slut?

“Take a trip to the other side, where you have the best of both worlds. Saucy feminized males and sissy boy sluts and hot, hard “girlcock!” Kick back, whip it out and let these hot cross dresser models tease you before they get down to the dirty deed of nasty transvestite sex for your soothing, stroking pleasure.”

Works for us!

Mistress D.
(I make men in women)

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Punished By His Wife

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Would you want it known around town that your wife is sexually dominant and likes to punish you in a variety of humiliating and degrading ways? That she takes your pants down and spanks your bare bottom like a naughty little boy? Or that sometimes she invites her sister over to watch as she disciplines and torments you?

“I think it’s right that my sister watches me spank my husband. She needs to know that in a marriage it’s the woman who runs the house and takes care of business. She’s still young and thinks that men are in control of the world…but she’ll soon see a good spanking and thrashing will keep them in line!”

Come watch a poor guy get Punished By His Wife and given a burning bare butt by the bitch!

Go Gal!

(I spank my husband too)

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Sissy Husband With A Small Penis

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

Many a married woman has woken up after the honeymoon and cried to her mother and friends that her husband didn’t quite “measure” up….

Some take it and get on with their marriage, some get divorced…but more than a few take things a bit further:

“He was forced to wear a dress and woman’s underwear, taunted and humiliated like a sissy by his own wife. And why? Because he had a small penis! Yep, Clara was sick of his pathetic love-making abilities and had decided from now on SHE was the one who was going to wear the cock in the house…”

Shame and humiliation abounds for this Sissy Husband With A Small Penis at the hands of his dominant wife.


(My man has a little cock and I shame him for it)

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Her Sissy Maid Husband

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Wives like to entertain, but how one’s that feminize their husbands and make them prance about as a sissy maid for their amusement.

“Mark’s eyes watered as his wife stuck the foul-tasting strapon cock into his mouth and practically shoved it down his throat. “I’m having a little party tomorrow night with a few friends, and I want you to be able to show them ALL a good time!”

Just part of the fun Her Sissy Maid Husband gets to enjoy at the hands of his dominant wife!

No one knows what truly goes on behind the doors of most married couples, but you would be amazed at how many husbands are submissive to their wives and do things that they would never admit to in the light of day.

(Dominant and ready to rule the roust)

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Dominant Bitch Wife Gallery

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

What happens when a dominant bitch wife catches her submissive husband looking at gay porn while she’s at work?

“…If he wants to watch cocks, I’d make him into a sissy bitch and he can SUCK them while I watch! I cross dressed and feminized him, then sissy trained him for a few months – and now I pimp his ass out to gay men on the weekend!”

That’s just ONE of the punishments doled out by a married woman in this Dominant Bitch Wife Gallery we have for you today! These ladies are strict, cruel and totally in charge of their husbands and households.

So, guys, if you’re married to a strong-willed woman, better be good or you’re going to SUFFER!

(Men should be disciplined)

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Husbands Put Into Panties By The Wife

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Forced womanhood at the hands of a dominant wife! Married men put into panties and forced to prance about and act the sissy for their wives! Sound like fun?

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Forced Panty Wearing For Husbands!

“Of course putting your husband into female panties is just the FIRST step on a long process of forced womanhood, but trust me gals, it’s SO worth it! Having an obedient and tame feminized male is GREAT!”

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Mistress R.
(Watching males prance in panties is fun)

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Sissy Male Feminization Tips

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Need some ideas on how to make your man into a sweet obedient sissy maid or slut?

“The feminization get started with Nicole controlling sissy male Pauly. She sucks his dick and lets him fuck her breasts, only to follow it by drilling his tight butt with a dildo and strap on rubber dick. Next we have cross-dressing Rick passing Andrea on a hallway. The petite dominating bitch calls out to Rick and soon takes control of the situation, making her sissy lick her boots and then using her strap on to bugger and ream his stinging feminized ass….”

Sounds like a good time was had by all, right?

Mistress G.
(I drill sissies)

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