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Small Dick Sissy Gallery

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Care for a delicious bit of cock size humiliation?

A letter from a Forced Sissy Mistress:

“When my sister invited me over to help her sexually humiliate her recently feminized and degraded small dick husband, I couldn’t wait to get there and make the sissy bitch suffer. I wrote some stuff on his fat pale belly about what I thought of his cock size and took some pictures for my web page so other’s could enjoy his shame and degradation. I mean look at this pathetic male! Would you let him try to fuck you with THAT little cock? Don’t make me LAUGH!…”

Just part of the fun you’ll find in this Small Dick Sissy Gallery we have for you today!

“At least TRY to get it hard, for fuck sakes!”

(Mistress of the measure)

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Buggered Like A Prison Bitch

Monday, January 4th, 2010

I got home from the office the other day tired and cranky, hoping I would get some sympathy from my strong loving husband. Instead, I was greeted by a whining adult baby who could do nothing but complain to me about everything and everyone he had been around that day. Finally I had enough! I thought if I have to be strong the one in this marriage, damn it, then I am going to wear the cock and take control of everything including him.

Right in the middle of his whinefest, I looked up and told him to shut the fuck up. Then I went over to him, grabbed him by the hair and told him “Look if you want to bitch like a spoiled girl I am going to treat you like one. Now get up and get into the bedroom.”

In shock by my new forcefulness and harsh tone, he obediently went. Once in the bedroom, I went over to my dresser and grabbed a pair of panties and told him to put them on after taking off his business suit. Then I buckled on my strapon and made him pull down the pink panties I had made him wear and get on his hands and knees on the floor. Then I went to work on his clenching virgin sissy anus with a vengence! All the while I was buggering his aching butt with my strapon, I kept telling him what a fuckin’ sissy prison bitch pussy he was and how I was tired of him always moaning and whining like some spoiled little girl. I told him that from now on whenever he behaved like this, an ass fucking was what he was going to get!

Can you believe he cried? Yeah, a real frickin’ cry baby sissy bitch is what I have!

But, I gotta tell you, it is nice being the powerful Dominant wife in this household. Whining is down to a minimum because my bitchy hubby is now WELL feminized and knows what will be coming to him if he doesn’t behave! Control can be a great thing!

“…Stop your crying and I might stop buggering you like a prison bitch!”

Mrs. Lardeff
(Strapped and ready for male ass banging)

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Cuckolded By A Cougar

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Yes, it’s the age old question – How to keep your dominant cougar wife happy? The idea of sucking your woman’s toes might be enough to keep some feminized husbands satisfied. But we seriously doubt it. Other things must come into play. And for some guys, it’s other guys fucking their wives as they are forced to watch… this bit of cougar cuckoldery:

Now we’re neither condoning nor condemning, mind you, except this is some VERY kinky bedroom gamesmanship far beyond the norm for married couples. Sure it’s weird the first time to take a huge whiff of another dude’s hairy man ass and be forced to suck his cock to orgasm as your wife scolds and watches. However, those cucky husbands who’ve been there claim it’s easier the next time around. And you’ll just take their word for it – AND WATCH THE FUN!

Many a man has had to SUCK at the command of his Forced Sissy Mistress or wife, how about YOU?

“Now, dear, I want you to take this hgue black cock in your mouth and SUCK it HARD!”

(Married but cheating every chance I get)

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Husbands Turned Into Transvesites

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

I so enjoy a well trained feminized male and of course I made my husband into a sweet cock-loving sissy transvestite! I also do it for other married women and have documented my experiences…would you like to enjoy some of my husband feminization sessions?

You can!

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Feminization Fun For Husbands Who Learn To OBEY!

It’s easy, girls, come watch how I make a formerly “straight” and proud male into a cock-hungry sissy bitch eager to please his Mistress and suck his master! It’s a blast!

…NO! Suck his big black cock SLOWLY, I want to enjoy this!

(Husbands make good sissies, trust me)

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Her Sweet Sissy Maid Clips

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

This awesome and quite shocking forced male feminization video is about a dominant wife who finds out her husband has been cheating on her with some slut. She gets so fucking mad that she binds him up and tells him that she will get even and make him find out what it feels like to be humiliated like she has been. – and she MEANS IT! She slowly, through bondage and degrading sexual punishment, turns him into her sissy slave to be humiliated in all kinds of ways….

While he’s tied tight and bound up, she forces him to take female sex hormones, get huge breast implants until he looks like a beautiful sissy bitch cock slave. She then forces him to suck a huge cock while bound to get hard for her so she can have fantastic sex in front of her new bound up sissy slave. With constant cruel bondage and humiliation she finally brings in stud male to break his beautiful virgin anus and get fucked like the sissy bitch he has become!! WHOA!

Sounds like our kind of Forced Sissy Mistress!

…this should fit up your ass nicely!

Domina Denise
(I’m cruel to sissy men and they pay me for it)

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Sissy Party Girl Gallery

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

In this delightful sissy party girl gallery you’ll find the story of Dirk, a married man who was feminized by his wife into a sweet obedient cross dressing sissy….

But one night she decided to take him to a artsy-fartsy party downtown and show him off to her friends….and what poor Dirk didn’t know, was that his dominant wife had also brought along something else – her new strapon!

Needless to say, before the night’s festivities were through, she had taken Dirk’s anal virginity before a room full of strangers and pimped him out for all the men there to use as a fuck toy!

Now THAT’S what we call a party!

…quite crying, my male friends won’t hurt you, they just want to FUCK you!

(Married to man who now dresses as a woman and sucks cock upon command)

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Training A Sissy Clips

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Want to watch some clips of a dominant BBW wife sissy training her man?

Feminized and raped with a strapon dildo, this poor male soon learns what it’s like to be the sissy bitch boy of a mean fat girl! Bet he doesn’t run out and tell all his friends what happened in the bedroom after SHE gets done with him! LOL

But of course she got on the phone and told ALL her friends! Now EVERYONE knows who is the Mistress of the house …and who is the little sissy BITCH!

The way it SHOULD be!

Your Sissy WebMistress

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Transvestite Panty Husband Milking

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Want to see husbands receiving sissy cock milking and panty boy humiliation from their dominant wives?

Hot transvestite husband amateur porn is what we like to do and we LOVE sharing our men’s humiliation and sissification sessions with others. It’s always a thrill to cross dress a man and then pull down his panties and milk his cock as we scold or seduce him.

Like to watch? We have some excellent XXX trailers at our site that we invite ALL of you to view and decide if you’d like to join us and see MUCH MORE!

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Panty Fun For Husbands Who OBEY!

Remember ladies, if you want some fun, put him in panties and milk his cock!

The Feminzing Wives Club For Men

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Cuckold Sissy Husband

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

Poor Bob, bet when he married Candace he never in a million years thought he’d end up her cuckold sissy lover, forced to cross dress and even sexually satisfy her new man!

The shame of being the cuck of a dominant bitch wife!

forced sissy mistress cuckold sissy husband picture
Get Your Sissy Panties On And Prepare To Suck My Lover!

Once she had decided to be open about her cheating, she embarked on a crash course in husband feminization and sissy maid training that left Bob shocked and bewildered by his wife’s behavior. She often would bring her lovers home and flaunt their sexual abilities to his face, once even going so far as to make him wear her panties and suck off her lover while she videoed it with her new iPhone!

Bet he can’t wait till THAT turns up on YouTube!

Sure sucks to be the cuck!

Your WebMistress

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Spanked By The Wife

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

The first step in breaking your husband to your will and then being able to properly sissy train him is to spank him on a regular basis! Many married men think they rule the roost and the first thing a dominant wife must do is show him who is the boss!

A good old-fashioned bare bottom spanking works wonders on men. Being put across the knee of their wife and spanked like a small boy by his mother instills a proper sense of obedience and marital discipline that is crucial in the feminization process!

forced sissy mistress spanked by the wife picture
Like Seeing Wives Spanking Husbands?

And don’t feel you’re on a solitary mission, girls, trust me, there are many wives spanking husbands and turning them into sweet obedient sissies right in your home town as you read this!

So get out that belt, paddle or hairbrush and go to work on your man’s blushing bare bottom tonight! And remember the dominant wife’s order of drill:

1) First the spanking
2) Then the strapon
3) Now he’s ready for his sissy training and complete male ego reduction!

Good luck and carry on!


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