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Mistress Loves Punishing Her Sissy

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Sometimes Mistress punishes her sissy because he was bad, and sometimes she humiliates him just because she likes to see him suffer…

“Mistress has her sissy suck Her strap-on while in hogtie bondage and then takes him balls deep in the ass with Her black bull rubber cock before putting him in strict bondage for CBT. She orders him to handle his own cock and punishes his manhood as he strokes himself off into the silver dog bowl from which he then has to drink…”

A beautiful woman is ALWAYS cruel, it just comes with being pretty!

Mistress G.
(A male is for feminizing and tormenting)

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Sissy Male Feminization Tips

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Need some ideas on how to make your man into a sweet obedient sissy maid or slut?

“The feminization get started with Nicole controlling sissy male Pauly. She sucks his dick and lets him fuck her breasts, only to follow it by drilling his tight butt with a dildo and strap on rubber dick. Next we have cross-dressing Rick passing Andrea on a hallway. The petite dominating bitch calls out to Rick and soon takes control of the situation, making her sissy lick her boots and then using her strap on to bugger and ream his stinging feminized ass….”

Sounds like a good time was had by all, right?

Mistress G.
(I drill sissies)

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I Want You To Be My Sissy

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Ready to be feminized?

I specialize in making males into sweet obedient sissy maids and servants….are YOU ready to be my sissy?

Things I will make you do:

Cross dress
Suck cock
Take a strapon up the ass
Mince around for my gay male guests and service their cocks upon command!



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Mistress G.
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Whipping Your Sissy

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Black Mistress Lisa spits and blows disgusting snot into her white male slave’s mouth then bitch slaps her worthless feminized man repeatedly until the stupid sissy is crying like a raped prison bitch. Next a vicious caning/whipping session begins until Sissy Sandy is sobbing uncontrollably and horribly marked from head to toe from the merciless lashing inflicted by his stern ebony Mistress…

She says “Whipping your sissy is but one tiny part of a campaign to feminize and humiliate worthless males” and we agree! And the way this lovely black Mistress of the lash handles her whip, we KNOW she’s been getting LOTS of practice!

“I never met a man I didn’t want to degrade and whip into submission!”

Mistress Ty
(Black and bitchy, just the way you like it)

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I Want To Be A Transvestite

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Well, sure you do!

Time to get in touch with your feminine side and learn to love cock!

Why not take a trip to the other side of sexuality, where you have the best of both worlds. Saucy sissy sluts and hot, hard “girlcock!” Kick back, whip it out and let these hot cd models tease you before they get down to the dirty deed of nasty tvts sex for your shocking, feminized boy sissy bitch stroking pleasure.

Now, this is how you suck his cock, see?

Madame Kane
(A feminizer of naughty men)

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Feminzied Boy Sissy Pictures

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

Cross dressing sissy boys turned gay and fucked by men!

a sweet feminized boy

A Feminized Boy Can Really Suck A Cock!

Sweet Feminized Boy

Brian’s mom had always dressed him as a little sissy since he was two years old. She had wanted a daughter and when she had a son, she decided to feminize him from an early age. Dressing him in female clothing and teaching him to be very feminine, she soon had made him into a perfect feminized boy sissy, one who loved cock and was always able to seduce any boy at school. He prided himself on his cock sucking ability and NEVER missed a chance to show a lucky stud how delightful a feminized sissy boy’s mouth could be…

Tight Sissy Ass

After Gerald had hired his new feminized sissy boy from an advert in the local gay paper, he was delighted to find the young lad had the smooth ass and tight anus that could drive a man wild! And he spent many a happy night ass fucking the young sissy time and time again, once even buggering the beautiful boy five times in one night! Was he happy with his feminized sissy boy? You BET he was….

tight sissy ass picture

A Hot Sissy Ass Made For Hard Butt Fucking!
rimming hot sissy ass picture

Tasting A Naughty Sissy Boy’s Hot Asshole!

Rimming Hot Sissy Ass

Many the time when Ken was dressed as a sissy boy and wiggling his tight ass before his male lovers, they would be so aroused and turned on he would quickly find himself bent over, panties pulled down getting his hot little asshole rimmed and tongued by some horny stud. The sensations were delightful and he could actually reach orgasm just by the feel of a hot male tongue upon his tight brown anus. A feminized sissy boy who loved being rimmed and used by horny men was his special thrill and you can bet he lived out his fantasy on a daily basis….

Feminized Sissy Maid

Jason was feminized into a sissy by a dominant woman he married when still quite young. After she had got him used to cross dressing and trained him to love cock, she actually started a service where she would pimp him out to rich and powerful men as a feminized sissy maid. He would spend his days cooking, cleaning and of course sexually servicing his powerful male clients just like a good little sissy should. Many of these men wanted to marry him and keep him as their private boy sex toy because he made the “perfect” sexy obedient little wife….

feminized sissy maid picture

Teasing His Male Boss Into Ass Fucking Him!

Sweet boys forced to dress as girls and take cock from rich and powerful men! LOVED IT!

…don’t cry, he’s only going to fuck you!

Madame Zenbia
(I supply young sissy boys to the stars)

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