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Sissy Maid Enslaved And Punished

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

This is a little story about forced feminization and how one wife cured her husband of cheating and philandering….

“After catching him with another woman, this lovely wife turned her husband into a sissy slave with hormone treatment, breast implants and heavy bondage. Then she turned her poor husband over to Mistress Foxy to be thoroughly trained as a sissy slave taught how to satisfy both men and women with his tongue, lips, mouth and anus…”

A feminized husband is a happy husband!


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Updating His Forced Sissy Training

Wednesday, December 16th, 2009

I was working around the house the last month and received a call from one of my female clients. She said her husband had started to become quite bossy and she needed to put him under her thumb, so to speak.

Now this was a man I had sissy trained and broke to the cock for her a couple of years ago, so obviously his male tendencies had begun to resurface – time for a quick sissy refresher course for this naughty male cock whore!

I quickly jotted down a quick list of things to immediately put into effect before he got too “defeminized”.

1) Take away all his clothes except for a pair of little girl’s panties and a pair of high heels.
2) Make sure he masturbates to gay porn at least three times a day for the first month, then twice a day thereafter.
3) When he sleeps at night, make sure he has his buttplug in.
4) Take out an ad in the local swingers paper offering all black men who want to fuck a white sissy bitch a free hour with your husband.
5) Force him to squat when he pees and also attend you in all your bathroom functions. Make him clean your ass with his tongue when finished on the toilet.
6) Once a week take him to a public place and force him to masturbate his anus with a vibrator, the bigger the better. Take pictures.
7) And lastly, reward him with a good strapon ass fucking at least once a week when he’s been a good sissy.

I fired it off to her and have since learned he is back on his best sissy behavior and even begs her to allow him to serve her and her new male lover. See girls, it just takes a little love and attention to keep your male docile and tame!

…see how he sucks that big black cock, that’s how I want you to do it!

Mistress Tut
(Feminizer to the stars)

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Her Sweet Sissy Maid Clips

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

This awesome and quite shocking forced male feminization video is about a dominant wife who finds out her husband has been cheating on her with some slut. She gets so fucking mad that she binds him up and tells him that she will get even and make him find out what it feels like to be humiliated like she has been. – and she MEANS IT! She slowly, through bondage and degrading sexual punishment, turns him into her sissy slave to be humiliated in all kinds of ways….

While he’s tied tight and bound up, she forces him to take female sex hormones, get huge breast implants until he looks like a beautiful sissy bitch cock slave. She then forces him to suck a huge cock while bound to get hard for her so she can have fantastic sex in front of her new bound up sissy slave. With constant cruel bondage and humiliation she finally brings in stud male to break his beautiful virgin anus and get fucked like the sissy bitch he has become!! WHOA!

Sounds like our kind of Forced Sissy Mistress!

…this should fit up your ass nicely!

Domina Denise
(I’m cruel to sissy men and they pay me for it)

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Phone Sex Sissy

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Do you want to become my sweet phone sex sissy, hmmmm?

I’ll feminize and properly train you in all aspects of being an obedient cock trained sissy maid. We’ll discuss your wardrobe, your duties and of course you will be allowed to masturbate for your Mistress!

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I’ll Feminize And Properly Sissy Train You!

Well-behaved sissies will be rewarded by being allowed to suggest and explore their very own PRIVATE sissy sex fantasy.

So tuck that little sissy penis into your panties and call NOW!


You’re Going To LOVE Being MY Sissy!
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Forced Feminization

Friday, July 10th, 2009

Being the strapon sissy of a dominant wife can either be a dream cum true – or a fucking nightmare!

I guess it all depends on your views on forced feminization?

If you enjoy being the tame obedient little sissy husband, wearing your panties with pride and offering up your anus upon command for a hard strap on fucking, the idea of being cross dressed and feminized by your wife might seem exciting and highly sexually arousing.

…on the OTHER hand….being forced to don female clothing and act the submissive sexual role for your wife (and frequently her friends) could be Hell on Earth!

This sissified fellow seems to have resigned himself to being sodomized by the wife, but the look on his face seems to reflect more sadness than satisfaction as he fondles the head of the rubber cock his woman is about to shove up his ass….

forced sissy mistress feminization
Feminized With A Strapon By The Wife!

What do you think? Could you stand being the dominated and humiliated husband? Or would you run in horror as your wife prepared to forcibly feminize and sissify you?

Hmmm, I can’t tell you HOW many married men I’ve seen swear that they would NEVER turn “sissy” – and then become completely at ease with being the sweet sissy maid or serving wench of their sexually dominant wives. LOL

It NEVER fails!

Your Sissy Mistress

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