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Forced To Smell Her Ass

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Listen to this…

“In the beginning, her sweet moist pussy is off limits. When she squats over his face, Freddy must first breathe in the pungent fragrance of her divine ass. Then kiss her buttcheeks, then lick her noble crack. He clearly yearns to taste her sweaty brown asshole, but she torments him by keeping it out of reach. She then lets him lick circles around her tight plucked anus. When his tongue meets her pink butthole, she punishes him severely. She drops her full weight on his face, denying him air…”

It’s a delightfully sweaty and tangy treat in store for all those lucky enough to be Forced To Smell Her Ass and pay homage to the Queen of facesitting!

Sniff it good, WORM!

Domina Linda
(My ass is a weapon)

Better Be Good At Holding Your Breath!
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