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Feminized And Forced To Suck Cock

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

When my wife sold me to Mistress Femme I never thought I would end up in some dirty, dingy gay glory hole behind a gas station, dressed in women’s panties and on my knees sucking cock. But much to my horror, I found that my new Mistress was a cruel and heartless bitch who delighted in seeing me sexually humiliated and sexually degraded like some common street whore. If I’d known that this was what was in store for me, I never would’ve agreed to my wife’s Faustian bargain. She said that since I was a complete disappointment as a man, and a pathetic lover to boot, I would be better off serving as a sissy male maid in the stable of a dominant woman, rather than annoying her with my small cock and aggravating presence.

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Sold As A Sissy Male Maid

Since she is a very wealthy woman, she was able to pay off the local constabulary to ignore my complaints of kidnapping, and indeed the police even helped her transport me in handcuffs to Mistresses’ country house, where I was imprisoned, raped and feminized into the pitiful sissy I am today. But the worst of the treatment this horrible woman dealt me, was to force me to accompany her to this dingy backroom glory hole I mentioned before. There she would force me to kneel, clad only in a pair of panties and await customer after customer as they thrust their huge erect cocks through the small opening in the wall for me to suck. She had one of her huge black sex slaves standing by with the whip to beat me mercilessly if I dare refuse take one of the preferred cocks into my mouth and suck it to climax.

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After 3 hours of this degrading forced cock sucking she allowed me a brief or spite and a towel to clean myself up. I was literally soaked from head to waist with the hot spurting semen of numerous anonymous men, and practically in tears from the humiliating treatment. And what did Mistress do? She laughed! She laughed and told me that I was now to drop my panties and press my naked bottom, with cheeks spread wide, against the hole so that the remaining customers on the other side of the wall could bugger me without mercy. I know deep down I deserve this for being such a pathetic male, but at times I wonder if perhaps I would be better off trying to escape and leave this horrible degrading sissy lifestyle behind me?

If anyone ever reads this I pray that they learn from my mistakes and avoid all interaction with any sexually dominant women, they are perverse and cruel creatures devoid of feeling or mercy and can only lead a man to his complete ruination.

sissy martin
[feminized male maid and forced cock sucker]

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Mistress Femme Is A Cruel Bitch

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Click Click Click… her black stiletto heels skid across the floor towards me.

“Mistress….. How did I get here?”

Mistress Femme had me stripped naked and tied to a chair. My hands were handcuffed behind me and my ankles were securely fastened with harsh leather straps to the thick legs of the antique wooden chair. She stood over me, dressed in a leather teddy, high cut in the hips and plunging in the bodice. Her long black leather gloves, thigh high gleaming black leather stiletto heeled boots, and a black leather collar around her neck were enough to make me cum from the sight of her. She was a wet dream and knew it. BITCH! She played with my stiff cock menacingly, taunting me

“You were oh so cooperative after a little roofie cocktail and a tiny bit of persuasion. You are ruled by your pathetic little cock, my dear. That small penis is your undoing. You are so stupidly arrogant and smug. Well not tonight. TONIGHT YOU ARE MY SLAVE!”

As she said this, the beautiful BITCH stroked my throbbing cock relentlessly.

It seemed like an eternity when the door finally opened. I gasped. There stood my Mistress Femme. Her heels clicked on the tiled floor as she moved toward me. Standing over me, she reached down and tightly grasped my cock in her leather fist and started to pump me, my hips bucking under me. BITCH TEASE! A moan escaped my lips. She taunted me with her beautiful ass, spreading her long legs and laying back on the bed , “Watch me fuck my divine wet pussy with this.” She placed the rubber cock into her mouth, stuffing her throat, while digging the heels of her boots into the bed, she plunged the big dildo up and down her newly shaved cunt, teasing the moist puffy lips in my direct view.

“Mmmmmmm, so good,” she writhed and really put on an erotic show. I thought I would explode at the sight of this, my dick was so ready for release.

“It is so nice to be fucked by a real cock for a change, not like your little penis,”, she sneered. She thrust faster and faster, as her eyes fell back in her head, “Oh… shit, I’m cumming… watch me… oh, God!!!!!”

My restraints were unrelenting as I tried in vain to break free. I wanted to give her a piece of what a real man could offer. I would fuck her up the ass and make her beg for more! She took the rubber dick, dripping with her cunt juice and reached out and grabbed the back of my head and pushed it against my lips. “SUCK IT!”, she hissed at me.

As it entered my mouth, I gagged a bit at first and then took it. “What a good little cocksucker. Maybe I should have you practice on a real cock while I watch. A big BLACK one would be nice!”

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Her gloved hand pumped my cock as she fucked my mouth with the dildo in the same rhythm. “Wanna cum,baby? I was so close and I tried to answer but the rubber cock gagged me and I could not say a word so I just tried to nod as her hand moved faster. I shook my head in a “yes” gesture, while she almost gagged me with the dildo. “I bet you do.”, she said and stopped her rhythms. My balls were aching.

Mistress Femme slowly stuck out her tongue and ran it up and down my shaft. “Don’t make a sound or I will stop at once!”, she ordered. But that was impossible as she prodded my most sensitive points with her skilled tongue. I moaned very softly and she stopped at once. She peeled her long glove off and slapped my cock and balls with her open hand. SMACK! SMACK!

It was torture and yet, I was hard as a rock. It was an incredibly erotic and horrible sensation. “Wanna cum, now sissy?” she laughed, and put her lips on my tortured cock. “Yes… please!!!!”…

She laughed cruelly as she released my throbbing shaft from her mouth. I knew I could not take much more but what choice did I have? I was at her mercy. Mistress Femme sat on the edge of the bed with her legs spread, her left hand rubbing her glistening clit. The cruel BITCH was getting off on this.

She came up from behind me and brushed her leather clad tits against my back. She was so cruel, so lovely. She played with my rough knotted nipples and licked my chest. She then went down my shaft with her tongue. I pleaded with my eyes. “I can’t take much more, please.”

She stood in front of me and raised my head with her hands tenderly. She kissed my eyelids.

She lowered herself onto my cock and her pussy heated up my loins, sucking me, devouring me. Her tits were in my face and I bowed my head in their cleavage. She got off, shivering and I felt myself on the verge of the hugest splashing jizm blast ever.

Then she got up and walked away.

I had tears in my eyes. Cruel beautiful Bitch. Mistress Femme I am yours!

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Femdom Story copyright ForcedSissyMistress.Com all rights reserved.

Gay Cross Dressing Sissy Fucked

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Boys will be girls and other men will force them to suck!

In the living room, this forced sissy takes on a thick meaty cock and these two dudes Connor and Pete delight in that virgin transvestite ass getting totally annihilated and pronged. His sissy ravaged raw rectum is opened up bigger than a cavern and he even does some nasty forced cock sucking and get’s made to taste all his own ass sauce on their hard sturdy cocks. The nasty action sees that tight hot sissy butt of his further owned.
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“Suck it, Bitch! You dress like a girl, you’re going to eat cock like one!”

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She Made Him A Cock Sucker

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

A real live session with Mistress Lola as she teaches her cock sucker well in her dungeon in Los Angeles. The petite powerful Domina puts a male slave through the paces of submission and servitude. Lots of stinging verbal humiliation – want to learn the secret training styles of a REAL Bitch Mistress? They are revealed! Leash and collar, slave training, nipple training, show worship, CBT, bondage, clothespins, weight training, smoking fetish, spanking, paddling, blindfold, breath play, face chair, wartenburg wheel, oral dildo training, face fucking, forced masturbation, dirty talk, panty gag, golden shower….it just goes on and ON!

See how She Made Him A Cock Sucker and taught her lessons well!

“Now don’t gag! Men want you to take their ENTIRE hot load!”

Mistress Sames
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Forced To Sissy Suck

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

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Here are 48 delightful minutes of double Domme fun as Mistress Lia and Mistress Noelle test drive slut jack and sissy glenda. The Ladies enjoy a glass of wine served from the back of one of the submissives and then Mistress Sarah performs deep and long strap-on with slut jack as Mistress Noelle supervises. Sissy glenda is positioned in the chair after jack is obliged to suck both Mistresses cocks and then Mistress Sarah coaxes a big cum shot from the seated submissive into jack’s face. Mistress Sarah then has a smoke and uses sissy g underfoot.
The Ladies are shown getting dressed and Mistress Noelle assists Mistress Sarah with Her makeup. They move to the couch and discuss shoes and Mistress Noelle selects a pair fit for spking slaves. The two submissives are in place and the Ladies drink wine from the back of one and verbally humiliate both. Sissy glenda is ordered to crawl out of the room without spilling but does tip over the wine and is kicked.
Slut jack is stomped for a bit and then treated to some deep pussy worship from Mistress Sarah as sissy glenda looks on with a cock strapped to his face. Mistress Sarah face sits jack facing front and back as Mistress Noelle assists in separating Her ass cheeks so he can get his tongue and nose into the wonderful crevice to clean.

Having given jack his fill of pussy on his face the Ladies flip him over and Mistress Sarah fucks him from behind as he sucks Mistress Noelle’s red rubber cock. Mistress Sarah relentlessly drives the large flesh colored 7″ cock into his gaping ass as he squeals occasionally. Mistress Noelle orders sissy glenda to the chair and jack sucks real cock as he is fucked from behind. He is then ordered to clean the red dildo riding on Mistress Noelle’s hips.

Mistress Sarah makes jack completely clean the strap-on She used to defile his asshole. He then takes turns sucking both women’s cocks and is ordered back to sucking the real cock of sissy glenda. Mistress Noelle makes sure he is taking it deep and, sensing sissy glenda’s impending orgasm, Mistress Sarah takes over and uses Her hand to finish the lingerie clad male into slut jack’s face and mouth. Mistress Sarah then has a smoke and stomps a dildo into sissy glenda’s ass with Her spiked heels and uses him as a foot cleaner and spittoon.

Watch all the FORCED TO SISSY SUCK action right here and pray YOU don’t ever fall into the hands of two such BEAUTIFUL but CRUEL forced sissy Mistresses!

“…ready for another load of sweet hot jizz, sissy boy?”

Mistress Dee
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He Fucked His Sissy Maid

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

Often my rich male friends come to me and ask me to provide them with a sissy man maid to do the chores and provide some hot cock sport for them when they’re bored of fucking super models and high priced call girls.

They ask for the sweetest little sissies they can use as sexual playthings, and for a price (a GOOD price, I might add) I will oblige them by selecting some of the better trained and obedient feminized males from my stable….

he fucked his sissy man maid picture
This Poor Sissy Male Maid Is Getting It In The ASS!

Of course I split the money with the wives of these sissified males, after all, it’s only right that the women that paid for their husband’s sissy training in the first place share in the profits of a pimped out sissy, right? Fair IS fair!

And the men? They cook, clean and suck cock upon command – and really, isn’t THAT what having a sissy man maid is all about?

…on your knees, darling, time to suck your master off!

Mistress Foote

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