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Pimping Sissy Boys To Gay Men

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Mistress decided that to make some good money, she would feminize young boys and pimp them out as sissy love slaves to gay males and clients. Many rich and powerful men would hire these sweet cross dressed boys out as sexual servants and play toys. Serving their new masters, these sissy boys soon learned to take a cock and clean house like a pro!

So, gals, Pimping Sissy Boys To Gay Men can be a GOOD source of income. You should look into it and fill the coffers with that sissy gold!

“He was an older German who had made his money in timber and copper. Now he was looking for a sweet boy love and I pimped him a couple of young sissy maids that soon became his sexual favorites. It’s nice to have money, yes?”

Mistress Wanda
(I sissy train young boys for older men)

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Gay Sissies On The Prowl

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

What are gay sissies on the prowl for, you ask?


And they’re getting it hot and hard from a collection of gay studs who enjoy a feminized male ass bent over and ready to take it balls deep!

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Boys will be girls and these sissy bitches prove they KNOW how to handle a hard cock – in ANY HOLE!

Madame Gorna
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Cross Dressing Boy Gets It Doggystyle

Friday, October 15th, 2010

This cross dressing boy wondered what it would feel like to be fucked by a man….

This horny sissy boy seduced the guy next door and soon got to find out what it was like to have a REAL cock up your bum! He couldn’t believe how GOOD it felt and made the guy fuck his sweet sissy fag ass all afternoon! he then went out to the clubs and did a roomful of black studs in the VIP section! This precious little gay slut was out of control!
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“Can I sit on your lap and call you daddy? I’ll let you put your hands in my panties and play with my cock!”

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His Sweet Sissy Fag

Sunday, September 19th, 2010

He knew it was a hurtful and naughty term, but it SO turned him on when his stud lover called him by THAT name!

Randy loved his sweet sissy fag with all his heart…ever since he had met him at a gay club, the two had been madly in love…going everywhere, trying every sexual position and going on buying sprees for the prettiest female clothing together….yep, you could say he was smitten…and the SEX! If yo want to see him banging his sweet sissy fag, check
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“I like you in the pink slacks with the high heels…oh, and the black silk panties, yeah THOSE!”

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Sissy Maid Gets The Cock

Friday, August 20th, 2010

When the boss told his sissy fag maid she was going to be taking it in the ass everyday as part of her new duties, he had to give her a raise….

It was worth the extra cash though, because his sweet sissy maid had a tight asshole that used to just grip his cock and literally MILK the hot jizz out of his aching balls! What a treat to have a cross dressing maid who could both clean and make you cum! LUCKY FUCKER!
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“I want an extra fifty a week for every day I suck your cock and a hundred for letting you pull down my panties and fuck my ass!”

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Pimped Out Gay Sissy

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

A boy in a dress loves giving head to his boss!

He was once a boy who happened to like to cross dress, but when he was taken in by a sissy Mistress who forced him to suck cock (like it was that hard to do!) and pimped him out to rich gay men – he was HOOKED! Now he spends his days and nights as the pretty sissy boy love of horny men – AND LOVES IT!
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“I hired a sweet sissy boy to clean house and do other things for me upstairs….then I fell in love with him!”

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Forced Sissy Cock Whore Study

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

When straight guys are treated in the clinic for admitting to masturbating to porn featuring men forced to suck another man’s penis, they are more likely to become sissy cock whores from the enjoyable conditions during their sissy training sessions ordered by their dominant wives, a new study finds.

Researchers from the University of Cross Dressing Males and Penis Suck’s Hospital in New York investigated the impact of forced feminization on these men and boys, by analyzing the spunk discharge from the guys when forced to watch other men fucking males dressed as sissies, all between ages 18 and 64. The study, published today in the Journal of Female Domination, found that compared with real studs who have large penises, the newly-minted sissies were 76 percent more likely to suck black cock and 89 percent more likely to ask to be pimped out by their Mistresses after a punishment session, often ordered by their own wives. Men already into sissy sex were 83 percent more likely to become sissy cock whores in the event of receiving “special treatment” from a Mistress specializing in male forced feminization.

The study authors say these findings are “orgasmic,” especially considering vast improvements over the past few years in allowing more straight men to explore sissy sex in comfortable private conditions.

So what are the reasons for the disparities? Though this study could not address that particular question, in the study’s conclusion Mistress Duake, the lead author, cites three main schools of thought she says could help explain the findings:

1) Most men masturbate to the idea of being forced to suck cock and sexually service another man.

2) Boys naturally want to dress as a girl and take it in the ass from older males.

3) Women who are married to abusive husbands often pay dominant Mistresses to shame and humiliate their bossy males with sissy training and forced gay sex.

More as it is reported…..

“That’s a good boy, take his cock ALL the way into your mouth!”

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Cock Sucking Sissy Boys

Friday, March 12th, 2010

What could be sweeter to watch then young boys put into dresses and slutty outfits and trained to suck other men’s cocks?

Sounds a treat, eh?

If you think so, and I KNOW you do, here’s a whole gaggle of cock sucking sissy boys showing how well they’ve learned their lessons and satisfy their new male owners!

“For a thousand dollars, I’ll sell you two young boys in dresses for a day, good?”

Lisa La
(A woman who pimps out boy whores to rich gay studs and businessmen)

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Men Fuck Sissy Boys

Monday, December 7th, 2009

Tricked out and pimped to rich men as sissy maids and suck sluts!

How would you like to be sissified and then sold to the highest bidder as his personal sissy sex toy?

Would you LOVE it as much as these gay sissies do?

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Or would you fight back and run away? ……YEAH, RIGHT!

Many a proud “straight” male has found his true calling by becoming the gay sissy sex toy of a rich and powerful man, you’d be surprised at some of the names we could list…but we won’t;)

Take that cock, my sweet sissy boy and SUCK!

Lady Harro
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Pretty Boys In Dresses

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Many young cd’s (that’s cross dresser to you that don’t know) are also gay sissies looking for a little love and a LOT of HARD COCK!

Take this lovely lusty lad for instance…

pretty boys in dresses picture
A Pretty Boy In A Dress Hoping For Big Hard Cock!

He dressed up as a sweet sissy and got himself a date with the boy next door hoping to seduce him and get a chance to suck his big cock…and he did! He also got it in the ass about five times that night from the excited youth (ah, teens, always dumb and full of cum) – not that he’s complaining, mind you, after all, sissy boys LIVE for cock, so he was VERY satisfied with his little ruse! LOL

And now they’re “going steady” much to the guy’s morality spewing Preacher father ’s total and absolute disgust! LOL! Now THAT is a bit of poetic justice if ever there was some!

sweet young boys dressed like girls for your sexual amusement…

Mistress Binao

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