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Pimped Out Gay Sissy

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

A boy in a dress loves giving head to his boss!

He was once a boy who happened to like to cross dress, but when he was taken in by a sissy Mistress who forced him to suck cock (like it was that hard to do!) and pimped him out to rich gay men – he was HOOKED! Now he spends his days and nights as the pretty sissy boy love of horny men – AND LOVES IT!
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“I hired a sweet sissy boy to clean house and do other things for me upstairs….then I fell in love with him!”

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Males Trained For Gay Sex

Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Okay, ladies, here’s a masturbation aid that works REALLY well for feminizing your male and getting him ready for his new life as CD cock whore.

I bought the one that looks like an anus -

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Now, I put on some gay porn, put my man in some sissy clothes and force him to use the asshole device and pretend he’s fucking some of the men and boys on the screen. This gets him used to the idea of gay sex and associates pleasurable feelings with it. Then I proceed from there to bring men home for him to “practice” on – both orally and anally.

From there it’s but a short step to making him a complete cock loving sissy bitch and you should be enjoying his shame and humiliation in no time flat!

“That’s right, imagine that’s your little cock going up that hairy man’s butt!”

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I Force My Husband To Suck Cocks

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

I made my man into a pimped gay sissy and now I force my husband to suck cocks for the money – WHICH he brings straight home and gives to ME!

“Mark never thought he’d enjoy sucking another man’s cock, but after his wife feminized him and sold him to another man as a male maid…”

And THAT’S just for STARTERS, ladies!

We enjoy seeing men have to get on their knees and “gargle cock” as they say! I hope you like my little site. You can see a Dominatrix forcing a man to suck cock too if you want.

“Now suck him good and I won’t make you hustle sailors down on the docks tonight!”

(A cuckolding bitch who maintains strict control of her newly feminized husband)

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White Sissy Fucked By A Black Bull

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

I can’t tell you how much I love the feel of a big, black cock fucking my tight white ass! That’s why after being a punk in high school and getting sent to prison, I became a black bull’s sissy bitch!

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Lot’s of young white guys there were scared shitless, but not me, I just want black cock and lots of it! And I figured the best place for an eighteen year old blond boy was to hang out with the biggest and meanest black cons. God did I make the right decision! I have more ebony cocks then I know what to do with. Oh, I know exactly what do to with these fine rods of endless pleasure. But I feel like a kid in a candy store. Where do I start and which piece do I want have fuck me first?

I like to wear a pretty little skirt and heels and you should see the looks I get from these big black hunks, I always know that one makes me come to his cell after lights out I am going to have the fucking time of my life! A sissy couldn’t ask for a better education. But shhhh… don’t tell my parents. They would frickin’ flip out if they knew their good little boy liked to cross dress and get fucked by big black studs!

“Let me be your girlfriend, I’ll keep you VERY happy!”

(Out on parole and missing my big black daddies)

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Gay Sissy Fuck Doll

Monday, November 16th, 2009

When this lucky lad was at the frat party he thought he had pulled the chick of his dreams – a lovely leggy blond who he promptly took back to his room at the dorm and started putting the moves on her….

But when he stuck his hand in her tight little white cotton panties, he found a hard cock waiting for him!

He had picked up a cross dressing boy!

gay sissy picture
A Cock In The Hand Is Worth Two In The Ass?

Did that stop him? Fuck no! He turned that sweet slut into his gay sissy fuck doll and reamed her tight little asshole and warm hungry mouth for HOURS!


…suck it, baby, then I’ll do you!

(I like watching boys fuck each other)

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