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Forced Sissy Shame And Humiliation

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Men always think they are the boss of the house….NOT HERE!

A good sissy must be pushed to his limits and taught that what he thought was not sexually possible IS!

“Mistress Lydia spends 38 minutes using Her big dicked sissy slave and seeing just how much he/she can take. She has him suck Her strap-on while in hogtie bondage and then takes him deep in the ass with Her black cock before putting him in strict bondage for CBT. She orders him to handle his own cock and punishes his manhood as he strokes himself off into the silver dog bowl for later eating!”

(I like forcing men to suck cock)

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Human Toilet Sissy

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Like to use your sissy male as a human toilet?

This lovely Black Mistress sure does!

Poor blubbering little slob gets used and abused in the most degrading and sexually humiliating fashion this Ebony Goddess can think of – SWEEET!

“Open up! You need some more shit in your mouth!”

(Cruel but beautiful)

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Buff Mistress Loves Her Strapon

Friday, April 16th, 2010

“When I have a male in my grasp, I first TELL them how badly I’m going to rape their virgin ass with my rubber cock…some cry, some laugh…but ALL soon find themselves on all fours squealing as I mount them again and again! Going balls deep in some guy’s shitter gets me SO fucking wet!”

See why this Buff Mistress Loves Her Strapon and thinks it’s the ultimate male humiliation and obedience training tool!

“Quit crying! No one is going to save your little asshole from THIS!”

Mistress Buffy
(Ripped and ready to shred male cock meat)

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Let A Real Mistress Shame You To Tears!

Whipping Your Sissy

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Black Mistress Lisa spits and blows disgusting snot into her white male slave’s mouth then bitch slaps her worthless feminized man repeatedly until the stupid sissy is crying like a raped prison bitch. Next a vicious caning/whipping session begins until Sissy Sandy is sobbing uncontrollably and horribly marked from head to toe from the merciless lashing inflicted by his stern ebony Mistress…

She says “Whipping your sissy is but one tiny part of a campaign to feminize and humiliate worthless males” and we agree! And the way this lovely black Mistress of the lash handles her whip, we KNOW she’s been getting LOTS of practice!

“I never met a man I didn’t want to degrade and whip into submission!”

Mistress Ty
(Black and bitchy, just the way you like it)

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Small Penis Fantasies

Monday, January 11th, 2010

Recently a man came into my office and shared his desperate fears that his penis was too small. I had to question him about his sexual history and the events that had caused him to come down with a bad case of cock shame, a rather rare and serious male hangup.

This was just a small part of the story he related:

“Q: Erect? She made you get an erection?
A: Yes. She even had my Auntie come in to the bathroom and examine it with her. She told me it was normal for a mother to examine her son’s cock to make sure it was big enough to satisfy a wife.”

He was obviously a VERY fucked up individual!

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Rest assured, I did my best to cure him, eh, I mean HUMILIATE HIM! Like many beautiful and sexually dominant women – I hate LITTLE DICK WIMPS!

“You call THAT a penis? It looks like a fucking peanut! Take it out so I can measure it for my girl friends to enjoy!”

Mistress Nadra
(I laugh at little cocks and punish them richly)

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Fat Cuckold Sissy Humiliation

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

When Lady Francine decided to go out for the night she first made sure her cucky husband was well cock locked and in his little pink sissy punishment panties. She knew that if she left him alone, the first thing he would do is run upstairs and start masturbating with her dirty panties and lingerie.

And he is NOT allowed to have an orgasm without her EXPRESS permission!

fat cuckold sissy humiliation picture
I’m Keeping This Little Cock Under Lock And Key!

After putting on his cock lock, she sat down to finish her makeup and regale him with stories of how she was going to take her new black lover out into the parking lot at the club and suck his huge ten-inch cock to a splashing climax.

“And you know he just got out of prison! He asked me to let him fuck you because the sight of a fat white sissy prison bitch ass still makes him hard! LOL! You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

fat cuckold sissy humiliation picture
I Think I’d Like To See That Fat Ass Of Yours Full Of Black Cock!

“There, finished” she said as she got up from her human stool “Be a good sissy and I might bring you back a nice big BLACK present to suck!”

Is it fat sissy cuckold humiliation….or a dream come true for this lucky husband?

…she wears the cock and he takes it upon command!

Mistress Tainto
(Kneel and lick the ass that feeds you)

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Queening Dominas Gallery

Monday, September 28th, 2009

When it’s time for dominant women to facesit, sodomize and sissify men, there is no better person for the job than a beautiful strict Queening Domina, agreed?

These lovely femdom Mistresses KNOW the value of keeping a male ego in check by sexually humiliating and degrading him in any number of deliciously cruel ways – often at the behest of their own wives!

Like this poor sap – his wife wants to pimp his ass out to the local prison bulls (she has a deal with one of the guards) and hired this sweet bitch to trick him out as a sissy and teach him the proper way to handle a cock!

queening dominas picture
Mistress Will Teach You To Sissy Suck Like A Good Little Prison Bitch!

As soon as his sissy training is over, he will be out servicing the huge black cocks of the hardest inmates at the prison! All because he DARED to talk back to his wife! That’ll teach the fellow!

…I think seeing you suck off a big black prison bull would be a delight, hmmm, dear?

(Married and a pro with a strapon)

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Transvestite Panty Husband Milking

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Want to see husbands receiving sissy cock milking and panty boy humiliation from their dominant wives?

Hot transvestite husband amateur porn is what we like to do and we LOVE sharing our men’s humiliation and sissification sessions with others. It’s always a thrill to cross dress a man and then pull down his panties and milk his cock as we scold or seduce him.

Like to watch? We have some excellent XXX trailers at our site that we invite ALL of you to view and decide if you’d like to join us and see MUCH MORE!

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Remember ladies, if you want some fun, put him in panties and milk his cock!

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Spanked By The Wife

Saturday, July 11th, 2009

The first step in breaking your husband to your will and then being able to properly sissy train him is to spank him on a regular basis! Many married men think they rule the roost and the first thing a dominant wife must do is show him who is the boss!

A good old-fashioned bare bottom spanking works wonders on men. Being put across the knee of their wife and spanked like a small boy by his mother instills a proper sense of obedience and marital discipline that is crucial in the feminization process!

forced sissy mistress spanked by the wife picture
Like Seeing Wives Spanking Husbands?

And don’t feel you’re on a solitary mission, girls, trust me, there are many wives spanking husbands and turning them into sweet obedient sissies right in your home town as you read this!

So get out that belt, paddle or hairbrush and go to work on your man’s blushing bare bottom tonight! And remember the dominant wife’s order of drill:

1) First the spanking
2) Then the strapon
3) Now he’s ready for his sissy training and complete male ego reduction!

Good luck and carry on!


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