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Transvestite Panty Sissy Husbands

Tuesday, September 1st, 2009

Older wives grown tired of their husband’s bullshit usually resort to some pretty extreme measures to tame and shame their bossy mates….like some sissy panty training, LOL!

You should see these males forced to don female clothing and then masturbated in various humiliating and embarrassing scenarios….like having to jerk off in mommy’s panties, forcibly milked by a gaggle of giggling mature wives while dressed as a little sissy girl, and it just gets better and better!

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Sissy Panty Shame For Husbands Who Won’t OBEY!

Dominant older married women are not at a loss to come up with new and degrading things for their husbands to endure, you should see some of the deliciously erotic and outrageous sexual punishments and humiliations these lovely ladies think of!

…now sniff those panties and jerk your little sissy penis for mommy, that’s a good boy!


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