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Forced To Sissy Suck

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

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Here are 48 delightful minutes of double Domme fun as Mistress Lia and Mistress Noelle test drive slut jack and sissy glenda. The Ladies enjoy a glass of wine served from the back of one of the submissives and then Mistress Sarah performs deep and long strap-on with slut jack as Mistress Noelle supervises. Sissy glenda is positioned in the chair after jack is obliged to suck both Mistresses cocks and then Mistress Sarah coaxes a big cum shot from the seated submissive into jack’s face. Mistress Sarah then has a smoke and uses sissy g underfoot.
The Ladies are shown getting dressed and Mistress Noelle assists Mistress Sarah with Her makeup. They move to the couch and discuss shoes and Mistress Noelle selects a pair fit for spking slaves. The two submissives are in place and the Ladies drink wine from the back of one and verbally humiliate both. Sissy glenda is ordered to crawl out of the room without spilling but does tip over the wine and is kicked.
Slut jack is stomped for a bit and then treated to some deep pussy worship from Mistress Sarah as sissy glenda looks on with a cock strapped to his face. Mistress Sarah face sits jack facing front and back as Mistress Noelle assists in separating Her ass cheeks so he can get his tongue and nose into the wonderful crevice to clean.

Having given jack his fill of pussy on his face the Ladies flip him over and Mistress Sarah fucks him from behind as he sucks Mistress Noelle’s red rubber cock. Mistress Sarah relentlessly drives the large flesh colored 7″ cock into his gaping ass as he squeals occasionally. Mistress Noelle orders sissy glenda to the chair and jack sucks real cock as he is fucked from behind. He is then ordered to clean the red dildo riding on Mistress Noelle’s hips.

Mistress Sarah makes jack completely clean the strap-on She used to defile his asshole. He then takes turns sucking both women’s cocks and is ordered back to sucking the real cock of sissy glenda. Mistress Noelle makes sure he is taking it deep and, sensing sissy glenda’s impending orgasm, Mistress Sarah takes over and uses Her hand to finish the lingerie clad male into slut jack’s face and mouth. Mistress Sarah then has a smoke and stomps a dildo into sissy glenda’s ass with Her spiked heels and uses him as a foot cleaner and spittoon.

Watch all the FORCED TO SISSY SUCK action right here and pray YOU don’t ever fall into the hands of two such BEAUTIFUL but CRUEL forced sissy Mistresses!

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Mistress Dee
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