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Husband In Panties

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Think a man looks good in panties?

How about if he’s been feminized by his own wife and forced to rub cocks with other sissy husbands and boy whores?

Then you’re going to LOVE what Mrs.Loving has been up to….

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Panty Punishment For Husbands Who SERVE!

“Alright, Dear, now that you’re a sissy, I’m afraid I’m going to have to force you to suck his cock in order to complete your feminization… crying now, just get on your knees and open WIDE!”

Mistress Yahas
(Making men suck and wear the panties is my passion)

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His First Sissy Feminization Session

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Time to meet Mrs Loving’s new sissy boy – he’s just arrived for his first sissy feminization session.

How did it go?

Well, Mrs Loving answered the timid soft knock on the door. In walked her latest sissy trainee. He had been discovered stealing and wearing his mother’s soft silk panties and been sent to her for proper male ego reduction, gender correction and humiliating feminization. Now, the first thing with all new sissies is to tell them the strict rules of obedience and to then get them out of their regular boy’s clothes. And what do you think happened? When she took off his pants she found that he was already wearing little girl’s panties and that his naughty penis was hard and already erect!

“Look how naughty and disrespectful you are” she said rubbing his cock through the soft panties….

first time feminizied as a sissy
Look How Feminine Your Bottom Looks In These!

That began the sissy feminization session for the day. Mrs. Loving gently took off the little girl panties he was wearing when he arrived and promptly replaced them with a pink satin pair with ruffles everywhere. She wanted him to get used to wearing ultra-feminine women’s underwear and this was a good start!

Watch more of his first sissy feminization session and enjoy his transformation into a cock loving girlie boy!

…tuck your little penis into your panties and be a good sissy for mommy

Mistress Harriet
(A trained officer of the Femdom court)

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