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Fat Mistress Punishes Her Males

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Not all Asian women are cute and petite. This big fat girl loves to dominate poor skinny helpless guys! Check out this big beautiful sadist as she pees on them, chokes them out and makes them perform vile acts of sexual degradation and humiliation!

“You like fat ass on your face? Get down, worm boy and drink Mistresses’ golden piss sake! I make cherry boy of you and make you suck big dick!”

Mistress D.
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Males Feminized And Sissfied
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Sunday, November 29th, 2009

You like seeing people forced to get an enema? Dominant men and women administering punishment enemas to a variety of needy boys and girls is what we offer and you’re going to love the rectum-rinsing colon-cleansing fun and frolics!

It’s A Enema Nozzle Up The Asshole Good Time!
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Who would of that a nozzle, douche bag and a gallon of warm soapy water could be SO much damn fun?

spread those ass cheeks, here it comes…and HOLD IT IN!

Mistress Damai
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Whipped Sissies

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Some extreme sissy whip punishment to get the blood going to day?

Beautiful black Mistress Lisa spits and blows disgusting snot into her sissy slave’s open mouth then bitch slaps her worthless slave repeatedly until the stupid sissy is crying, blubbering and bawling like a tart. Next a savage vicious caning/whipping session begins until Sissy boy sandy is sobbing uncontrollably and horribly marked from head to toe from the merciless lashing his dominant Mistress has inflicted upon him.

….Ooooo, that’s sounds like FUN!

A little bit of femdom BDSM whipping and flogging punishment is ALWAYS enjoyable for the Mistress, but what about the poor little wimpering sissy slave? What about HIS feelings?


It’s SUPPOSED to hurt and humiliate, what does he expect? Milk and cookies?

…now I want to hear you SCREAM long and HARD!

Mistress Lynn

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