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Wearing His Wife’s Panties

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Married women that like to put their husbands and sons into panties and make them rub cocks? Is such a sick and twisted thing done?


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Sissy Panty Fun For Feminized Husbands!

“You’d be surprised at how many women make their husbands wear panties and degrade themselves before their dinner guests. Being a dominant wife means keeping him under your thumb and total sexual control. And trust me, ladies, they might cry and whine at first, but soon they become tame and docile as a kitten. Just be sure to use a strapon on their ass from time to time to keep them in line!”


(I wear the cock and he wears the panties)

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Husbands Put Into Panties By The Wife

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Forced womanhood at the hands of a dominant wife! Married men put into panties and forced to prance about and act the sissy for their wives! Sound like fun?

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Forced Panty Wearing For Husbands!

“Of course putting your husband into female panties is just the FIRST step on a long process of forced womanhood, but trust me gals, it’s SO worth it! Having an obedient and tame feminized male is GREAT!”

Works for us!

Mistress R.
(Watching males prance in panties is fun)

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His Cuckold Sissy Panties

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

After Jim had accepted the fact he was no longer the dominant sexual partner in our marriage, I set out to find ways to enforce my newfound power.

The first step?

Sissy panties!

He was instructed to wear the softest little pink panties I could find under his clothes at ALL times! And especially when my lover was over…

cuckold sissy panties picture
“Look What I Have For You – Sissy Panties!”

Why? Because my black stud Tyrone LOVED a sweet sissy bitch in pink panties. Apparently when he was in prison he had a “sweet white sissy bitch” who he fucked on a regular basis. He said his sissy almost sucked cock as good as I did! Dressing my husband up and forcing him to service Tyrone’s nine inch cock while I watched is now a BIG part of our foreplay routine.

After I have Jim suck him for a while, I make him sit in the corner and watch me get fucked up the ass by my black bull stallion!

Of course he’s NOT allowed to masturbate or relieve himself until AFTER he’s “cleaned up” my back door, hehe! And then I only let him jerk off to the HARDEST gay porn I can find! I want him to be desensitized to seeing men suck and fuck other men – after all, he IS a sissy bitch now and needs to sharpen his cock hunger! LOL!

…lick that hot jizz up now, Jim, and then give Tryone a good rim job too!

(Married and pimping her husband’s ass to black bulls)

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