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Feminized And Cuckolded

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

Forced to watch AND suck a cock!

His wife has been using this slave for quite some time now, and he obediently shows up every day for some feminization abuse. She loves keeping him in pain with her nipple clamps, cuffs, clothespins and of course making her husband get down on his knees and suck his cock. He even had to jerk off on the slave’s cock and lap it up! WHOA!

“Come here, dear, time for some sissy suck lessons!”

Madame Nada
(Love seeing a husband turned into a sissy bitch)

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I Feminized The Boy Next Door

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Dear Diary,

Today I was so very naughty! I finally acted on a secret fantasy I have been having for at least a year. I actually did it! I feminized my best friend’s eighteen year old son! God it was SO easy! He was one of those moody emo types so getting him into a dress and teaching him to be a sissy maid was no real chore, lol!

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Here is how it happened. “Timmy” came over this afternoon looking for his mom. I had just gotten done with a client and had my full Dominatrix gear on. When he saw my leather outfit and thigh high boots, he could barely get the words out to ask me if his mom was there. I invited him in because I could tell he was curious. From there it was just too easy. Within minutes, I had him up in my bedroom trying on a pair of panties, stockings and high heels. And what a lovely little sissy he made! He soon was happily dusting and cleaning about my place like a good little male maid. I even promised him I would introduce him to some black stud friends of mine who were anxious to purchase the services of a sweet young sissy for a weekend “party” they were throwing for a friend who was just out of prison – I guess they wanted to get him a white sissy bitch to make him feel at home! LOL!

And my little feminized boy was going to get all the black cock he could handle! What an education he’s going to get, huh?

“Keep that cock in your mouth, bitch! I want my sissy to suck all the time!”

Mistress H.
(I make boys into girls and get paid well for it)

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Queening Dominas Gallery

Monday, September 28th, 2009

When it’s time for dominant women to facesit, sodomize and sissify men, there is no better person for the job than a beautiful strict Queening Domina, agreed?

These lovely femdom Mistresses KNOW the value of keeping a male ego in check by sexually humiliating and degrading him in any number of deliciously cruel ways – often at the behest of their own wives!

Like this poor sap – his wife wants to pimp his ass out to the local prison bulls (she has a deal with one of the guards) and hired this sweet bitch to trick him out as a sissy and teach him the proper way to handle a cock!

queening dominas picture
Mistress Will Teach You To Sissy Suck Like A Good Little Prison Bitch!

As soon as his sissy training is over, he will be out servicing the huge black cocks of the hardest inmates at the prison! All because he DARED to talk back to his wife! That’ll teach the fellow!

…I think seeing you suck off a big black prison bull would be a delight, hmmm, dear?

(Married and a pro with a strapon)

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