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Black Mistress Torments Her White Sissy Maid

Friday, January 14th, 2011

I don’t think this Black Mistress even CARES that her poor sissy is a white man….she just LOVES to make a feminized male SQUEAL in pain and humiliation!

Wouldn’t you?

Many times he found himself her human toilet and more! Sometimes it’s just TOO sick and PERVERTED to handle!

“I’m not one of those Mistresses who thinks a male should merely be forced to cross dress and act like a sissy…no fucking way, he needs to SUFFER and feel the PAIN of being an inferior life form and I can do the job in SPADES! LOL!”

Mistress D.
(Dark and dangerous to males)

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Sissy Toilet Slave

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Sissy maid Sandy fails in his chores, so Lisa whips and beats the sissy without mercy until he goes fetal, crying and sobbing, and shove’s Sandy’s head in the toilet, using his face as a plunger. The plumber arrives and uses his drill on Sandy’s asshole while Lisa kicks his ass.

It’s a sissy shamefest you won’t want to miss!

….open up and take your Mistresses’ delicious golden piss, slave!

Lady Margot

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