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I Want To Be A Transvestite

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Well, sure you do!

Time to get in touch with your feminine side and learn to love cock!

Why not take a trip to the other side of sexuality, where you have the best of both worlds. Saucy sissy sluts and hot, hard “girlcock!” Kick back, whip it out and let these hot cd models tease you before they get down to the dirty deed of nasty tvts sex for your shocking, feminized boy sissy bitch stroking pleasure.

Now, this is how you suck his cock, see?

Madame Kane
(A feminizer of naughty men)

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Shemales Train Sissies

Sunday, October 18th, 2009

Does the thought of being the forced sissy maid of a dominant Shemale arouse you?

Made to suck tranny cock and take it in the ass upon command of a stern transsexual Dominatrix?

We can arrange THAT!

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Cross dressed and on your knees before the TSTV Mistress!

…like the taste of my cock, sissy boy?

(Beautiful with a cock)

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Dominant Shemale Mistresses

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Want to see men feminized, sodomized and tricked out as a sissy cock bitch by dominant shemale Mistresses, hmmm?

Forced to take a HUGE tranny cock in their stretched open mouths and up their stinging virgin male assholes?

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It’s ALWAYS a hoot to see some proud male on his knees, tears streaming down his cheeks, blubbering away as a Tgirl Mistress forces her big shemale dick down his throat, laughing hard as she blasts a giant load of hot sticky cum all over his face and lips!

…choke down that load of shemale jizz, boy slut! A sissy should EAT well!

(Tgirl Mistress)

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