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Shiny Sluts

Monday, July 9th, 2012

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Shiny Sluts

Seven deadly solo scenes that are packed with pervy rubber action. If you enjoy latex and rubber fetish, this is for YOU!

Sissy Porn Movies

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Like watching movies about feminized men and the cocks they have to suck? Or maybe you enjoy video showing sissy maids serving their Masters and Mistresses in ways that should remain hidden and unmentioned in polite company?

Then Watch OUR Sissy Porn Movies!
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Dominant Women Make Men Into Girls!

“Herbert was your typical bossy and loud mouthed husband….that was until I feminized him with a strapon and pimped his virgin ass out to some huge black guys I met at a party. He now is docile and quite tame…so, girls, make your man a sissy and sit back and let HIM do the chores!”

Works for us!

Miss T.
(Cruel and in charge)

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Panty Training For Husbands Who OBEY!

Black Mistress Tortures White Sissy

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

A black woman into sexual dominance and male feminization? YEP!

“Being a black Mistress is great! I get to punish and torture white men and get PAID for it! Making them into sissies and cock sluts is SO much fun… although I sometimes get a little carried away and almost kill the poor white pigs, they love it and pay for the HONOR of being my sissy slut slave!”

Black Mistress Cock Shames White Boy HERE!

Some call it karma and some call it sexual perversion, but there is something undeniably erotic about watching a dominant black Mistress punish a white male!

Mistress H.
(Dark and dangerous)

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Mistress Loves Punishing Her Sissy

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Sometimes Mistress punishes her sissy because he was bad, and sometimes she humiliates him just because she likes to see him suffer…

“Mistress has her sissy suck Her strap-on while in hogtie bondage and then takes him balls deep in the ass with Her black bull rubber cock before putting him in strict bondage for CBT. She orders him to handle his own cock and punishes his manhood as he strokes himself off into the silver dog bowl from which he then has to drink…”

A beautiful woman is ALWAYS cruel, it just comes with being pretty!

Mistress G.
(A male is for feminizing and tormenting)

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She Pimps Sissies

Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Need to make some money?

Then feminize your man and pimp him out as a sissy!

“My gay friends all pay big money for a well-trained sissy boy maid for their houses. The sissies get a job and all the cock they can handle. I even have rich women coming to me and asking how to do it. They want to learn to sissy pimp their husbands and sons!”

Sounds like a great way to make some cash and have some fun, right girls?

Mistress H.
(I pimp sissies)

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Fat Mistress Punishes Her Males

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Not all Asian women are cute and petite. This big fat girl loves to dominate poor skinny helpless guys! Check out this big beautiful sadist as she pees on them, chokes them out and makes them perform vile acts of sexual degradation and humiliation!

“You like fat ass on your face? Get down, worm boy and drink Mistresses’ golden piss sake! I make cherry boy of you and make you suck big dick!”

Mistress D.
(I perform acts of male feminization daily)

Males Feminized And Sissfied
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Watch Their Shame HERE!

Cuckold Sissy Husband Clips

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Forced to watch and even participate in their cheating wives perverted sexual picadillos, these married losers are learning to hate life…or not???

Some even admit to LIKING being cuckolded and forced to suck and fuck their wives black bull lovers as much as the naughty ladies themselves! It’s sick and twisted….which means HOT HOT HOT!!!

Here’s a whole bunch of delightfully degrading and sexually humiliating Cuckold Sissy Husband Clips to keep your cock happy!

“That’s right, dear, get down and suck Tryone’s big black cock till that hot jizz is dripping down your chin!”

Mistress Hatte
(Making men suck and take it up the butt)

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Maid Fucks Her Sissy Boss

Monday, May 31st, 2010

When young Helga was hired by a rich man in the city to be his new house maid, she thought she was going to have to do the usual jobs and chores – cooking, cleaning, dusting, you know….but when on her first day she discovered her new boss was a cross dressing sissy, she never in a million years thought her main domestic task was to don a strap on cock and bugger his asshole from noon to dusk!

Watch how this Maid Fucks Her Sissy Boss and earns her pay one thrust at a time!

“Yes, sir, may I take a break now? I’m getting tired of fucking your hairy bum…”

Lady France
(We dress our boys as girls from an early age)

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Feminized Panty Fun For Husbands Who OBEY!

Sissy Husband Rides Wife’s Strapon

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Seems poor Herbert thought his secret passion for cross dressing and masturbating to sissy porn was going to go unnoticed by his wife…WRONGO!

She bought herself a huge rubber cock and waited until he was prancing about the bedroom in his female clothing before she pounced….made him ride her strapon cock like a cowgirl in heat! Straight up his virgin asshole she shoved and boy did he squeal….but ultimately loved it!

Ain’t that ALWAYS the way?

“If you’re a good sissy, I’ll get you a REAL cock to ride!”

(My husband likes it in the ass from black men)

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Human Toilet Sissy

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Like to use your sissy male as a human toilet?

This lovely Black Mistress sure does!

Poor blubbering little slob gets used and abused in the most degrading and sexually humiliating fashion this Ebony Goddess can think of – SWEEET!

“Open up! You need some more shit in your mouth!”

(Cruel but beautiful)

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